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Upcoming Workshops


  • JUNE - 10th Beginners
  • JUNE - 17th Advanced
  • JULY - 1st Beginners
  • JULY - 19th Advanced
  • AUGUST - 12th Beginners
  • AUGUST - 26th Advanced


These are all on Saturday mornings from 9 -12 am for the beginners and 9 - 1 pm for the advanced.

I do a tour around my house showing various pieces of furniture and talking about techniques.With the beginners course we learn three techniques sitting around my big farm style dining table in my kitchen/ dining space. We learn three techniques but I give you a booklet for four plus an Annie Sloan colour chart.We stop for morning tea with home baking. We finish off learning how to wax our painted pieces. You take the samples you have painted home.

The advanced is five techniques onto a piece of MDF. We create an image while learning techniques you can use on various projects. The techniques are Frottage, Decoupage, Craqueleur, Stencil and Gold leaf. We stop for a break half way through. You take home what you create as well as a booklet with step by step instructions.

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First Post

Happy new years everybody! This is the new Furniture Facelift website run by me Catherine Plom. Check out the workshops page for the next beginner and advanced workshop dates and the gallery for pictures of finished chalk paint projects.

"Creativity is all around us – in the homes we live in, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, and the food we eat."


Photo Gallery

Browse through some photos of projects, products and previous beginner to advanced classes.

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